Ive had 2 things weighing heavily on my mind. i get anxiety over everything so it doesnt take much:

thing the first: is it bad that i want someone to break in my house so i have a reason to beat a motherfucker to death? im 30 years old and i still dont know what im doing.

thing the second:

so there is a person thats stuck in my life by default. I havent done everything in my life alone, it took a lot of support to get to where i am now and for the most part im proud of what ive done. then there is someone that doesnt do shit with their life and the worst part is, they’re too stupid to know that they are lazy and make excuses for everything. all this person does is drink, collect toys and play video games. they have a job of a teenager, part time and doesnt pay shit. and now they are planning on having a baby. they’re too stupid to take care of the responsibilities they have already. how the fuck are you going to take care of a baby? oh well. i need to stay in my lane. cus sometimes i wish i couldve made it through life that easy then maybe i wouldnt have anxiety over everything and at the edge of a cliff the entire time im awake. i suppose the bright side is i live in my home with my wife and kids and they live at home with mommy and daddy and the rest of the family.